Our Code of Ethics

As members of the Residential Care Providers Network, we are committed to the following CODE OF ETHICS which guides our decisions and governs our conduct as providers of Residential Care.

A Commitment to EXCELLENCE in Care, including;

  • Care which places a high value on individual needs and preferences;
  • Highly trained, professional staff who understand the unique benefits of our home settings;
  • A staffing ratio which allows for superior quality of care and individual interaction;
  • A physical environment which meets or exceeds the expectations or our residents and their families as well as those who regulate our services;
  • Careful attention to decisions regarding admissions and discharges and frequent review of the appropriateness of placement in a residential setting

A Commitment to EXCELLENCE in Business, including;

  • Strict adherence to the laws and regulations which govern our industry;
  • Maintaining a current Class F License and Housing With Services registration in good standing;
  • Honesty and integrity in all decisions affecting our residents and our businesses;
  • Participating in or observation of the activity of trade associations and other groups whose memberships offer support and education for our evolving industry

A Commitment to EXCELLENCE, HONESTY and INTEGRITY in Participation as a Member of this group, including;

  • Attendance at meetings as I am able;
  • Working in a collaborative manner with other group members in order to increase the visibility of our homes and to strengthen our collective voice in the health care arena;
  • Sharing information which I feel will be helpful to our group as a whole;
  • Inviting (based on established guidelines) other metro area residential care providers to participate in this group;
  • Any issues that threaten the integrity of any or all of our members will be brought to the attention of the ethics committee. As a supportive group by design and purpose, we as members agree to hold one another harmless and agree to not be aggressive, retributive or engage in any negative action against one another;
  • As a group we agree to resolve any potential differences of opinion or action in a collegial, cooperative framework. Further, we agree that our intentions as members of the Residential Care Providers Network are to hold one another in high regard both within the group as well as within the community at large who together serve our elders with compassion and passion. This would extend to our individual homes, our staff, our families and our organizations.