About Us

The Residential Care Providers Network (RCPN - Minnesota) is a network of independently owned residential care homes that have joined together to promote excellence in quality care. Our homes offer the opportunity for persons needing care to receive assistance in an intimate home setting. We provide care in real houses which are located in residential neighborhoods. The intimate family feeling of these homes make them an excellent choice for memory care, giving clients a natural comfort level stemming from living in a mental health complex care environment. We offer professional services with a high ratio of staff-to-client assistance. Our services range from very basic assistance and reminders to memory care, "end-of-life care" and other more complex services as needed.

By Becoming a Member of the Residential Care Providers Network, you will have access to the following:

  • Monthly meetings providing assistance, support and sharing of ideas
  • Informational speakers at special meetings
  • Opportunities for continued education courses
  • Legislative representation and continual updates on current Legislative issues and state regulatory changes
  • Professional credibility
  • Network support with other providers
  • Marketing opportunities within the community
  • Website includes a membership roster and current information on the Residential Care Providers Network activities and calendar of scheduled meetings and events