Benefits of Residential Care

Benefits of  a Small Setting ~ Case Study
Upon preadmission screening at a nursing home I met , "B". Her husband was told that she had plateaued in physical therapy after a a massive stroke. (Resident was also diabetic) Medicare was done and she needed a new home. 
I told him that I felt that B had a lot more potential. Her blood sugars were too high, she needed 2 to transfer and could only say, "yah, yah." After arriving to our house she began to flourish! We allowed her to sleep in every morning, adjusted her insulin and reinstated her therapies. B began to transfer with one with standing pole, walked with braces with assist of one therapist, she started to use an interactive device for speaking with speech therapy. B began to use words! Music therapy was started after speech therapy ended. and with the assistance of singing, could state sentences. Our therapies and our wonderful staff encouraged her and challenged her to go even further to succeed. Close to a year later had improved enough to spend extended periods of time home with her husband!!
Tammy Juntilla, RN ~ Residential Care Home Owner